How Energy Management Systems Affect Your Grocery Shopping

First of all, what is this vague term, "energy management systems", and why is it so important?

What: it’s the planning and operating of energy production and energy consumption units. 

Where it’s commonly used: Think grocery stores, restaurants, and buildings with HVAC systems in place, to name a few.


-resource conservation

-climate protection

-cost savings

Basically, it’s knowing the amount of energy a building is using, and how best to maintain it. This is important for budgets as well as seeing how the environment is impacted every time you turn on a product that consumes energy. Without any management of energy usage, an overhead budget would be difficult to calculate. 

For example, if a grocery store needs to continually run it’s freezer day and night, how much would that cost the company per month, and will it be safe on the environment? These are business questions companies need answers to everyday, and we can help design, install, and monitor energy management systems (EMS) to make this process much easier to quantify. 

We start from the very beginning by creating a design that will work most efficiently in your structure. Additionally, we can revamp an outdated design to make it run up to today’s standards. Then, we install our custom hardware, and continue to monitor it’s effectiveness to make sure it’s working consistently. In the end, this saves the business owner on paying fines for outdated energy usage, have less energy loss as a system, as well as save the environment from having to deal with any unnecessary and toxic emissions. 

Pretty cool, right? We think so! 

We also like the fact that we can install an EMS that will reduce overhead costs without compromising work processes. By having us maintain the system, costly repairs can be avoided that would otherwise go unnoticed. It’s an all included service that everyone can benefit from. 

So, the next time you pick up a gallon of milk from the market, remember that an EMS system is running efficiently to keep your milk cold and the price per gallon down. 

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-The 3C Team-

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