Consulting Engineering Services for Architects

When I attended Cal Poly during the late 90's, yes, that is right, before the turn of the century and before Google, Amazon or even Netflix, I studied Electrical Engineering. The discipline required an enormous amount of energy, effort, focus, and determination, however, there was another major that required even more... Architecture. We actually called it "Architorture" :)

My friends who studied Architecture were the hardest working and more artistically creative people I knew. They not only needed to know everything about mathematics, structural engineering, and physics, they also needed to have an eye for aesthetics and form, and combine that with an awareness of function.

Now that I work at 3C Engineering, I have the honor to work along side some of these same Architects. I get to see them in action and be witness to their creative work. When it comes to designing an incredibly impressive space that also serves its' users well and is affordable, no one does it better than an architect, I mean it. 

Here's the coolest thing, Architects and Engineers work hand in hand to create the homes we live in, the buildings we work in, the plants we produce products in, the wineries we play in, and the gyms we exercise in. (And every other place in-between.) You see, while the Architect designs, let's say a Winery, and what it looks like, how people will flow through its' spaces, how and where the harvesting equipment will live, where the barrels are stored and how the bottles are handled,  it is the Engineer who helps with the heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, plumbing, electrical, and so on. Engineers calculate how much carbon dioxide spaces can hold before becoming dangerous to its' inhabitants, and how fast the CO2 can be vented out. Engineers also calculate how much gas is needed to heat the hot water that sterilizes every surface. 

Imagine if a barrel room is too humid or if a tasting room is too hot, or if the hot water is not hot enough to kill off dangerous bacteria. Wineries would face the risk if losing everything, their harvest, their wine, their customers, everything. This is why it is so critical for the Architect and the Engineer to work closely together during the initial design stages. 

At 3C Engineering, we are proud to have four Professional Engineers (PE) on staff to work in conjunction with Architects. We can provide Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering services for almost any project, from the most delicate cleanroom or medical facility to the most poshest of wineries. Although we focus on Commercial, medical, and higher education, we have experience spanning through every niche, including fire stations, residential, worship, simple TI, etc. 

We can help your firm through the Schematic - Programming stage, through Construction Documents and Construction Administration. We are local to the Cental Coast, have locations in San Luis Obispo and Fresno, and do work daily in Santa Barbara. We have been serving Architects along the Central Coast for nearly a decade and have an office in the Valley. 

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