Building Commissioning Services

Commissioning for new and existing buildings is becoming more important than ever. As energy reduction requirements are passed and budgets get smaller, having a building that performs as expected is critical. Whether you are an architect needing to reassure a building owner that the project was done right or if you are a building owner wanting a way to guarantee plans were executed as promised, 3C Engineering can provide you the needed peace of mind.

For nearly a decade, architects and building owners along the Central Coast have relied on 3C Engineering to be a trusted partner in Commissioning their projects. In case you have not yet worked with the professional team at 3C, you may have some questions regarding commissioning, what it is, why it's important and what all goes into a successful commissioning process. This post will help define some of the finer details of what it included in a sample commissioning project. 

After reading this article, let us know what questions you have and how we can help!


Scope of a Sample Commissioning Job

Commissioning work will be performed according to the 2013 California Green Building Standard as well as the 2013 California Energy Code. The list below is a sample of the components provided during the commissioning process. For your reference, shown in parenthesis, are the correlating chapters per the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11 and 2013 California Energy Code, Title 24, Part 6.

Assist in the development of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) (5.410.2.1)

We will work closely with you and your team to clearly define the requirements of the project. This will provide a foundation of common language and help set proper expectations for the work to be done.

The OPR shall include the following:

o     Environmental and Sustainability Goals

o     Energy Efficiency Goals

o     Indoor Environmental Quality Requirements

o     Facility Programming, Hours of Operations, etc.

o     Equipment and System Expectations and Controllability

o     Building Occupancy and O&M Staff Expectations.

Assist in the development of the Basis of Design (BOD) (5.410.2.2)

The BOD shall include the following systems:

o     HVAC Systems and Controls

o     Indoor/Outdoor lighting systems and controls

o     Water Heating Systems

o     Renewable Energy Systems

o     Landscape Irrigation Systems

o     Water Reuse Systems

Design Phase Design Review (CEC 120.8 Item d)

o     Construction Documents Design Review (CEC 120.8 Item d.2) – Review design for consistency w/ the “Construction Documents Design Review Compliance Form”

Development of a Commissioning Plan (CalGreen 5.410.2.3) based on the requirements of the project documents.

Included in the Commissioning Plan will be:

o     General project information

o     Commissioning goals

o     List the systems to be commissioned and the goals expected

o     Commissioning team information

o     Commissioning process activities, schedules, and responsibilities

Meeting to discuss the design criteria and owners intent for the project. This is part of the Commissioning Plan.

·        Commissioning schedule and commissioning tasks. Included is the development of the commissioning team made up of the principals, designers, contractors and the commissioning authority.

·        Development of a Functional Performance Testing and Validation matrix with contractor sign offs. This will be created by the Commissioning Agent to verify installation and performance of all mechanical systems installed. (CalGreen 5.410.2.4)

·        The systems in this commissioning proposal are validated per CAL Green requirements and include all HVAC systems and associated mechanical sub systems consisting of controls, electrical including interior and exterior lighting systems and irrigation system.

·        Validation of Test and Air Balance. (CalGreen 5.410.4.3.1) 

·        All validation test equipment provided by 3C Engineering will carry current certificates of calibration.

·        3C Engineering shall provide all of its own data loggers for the HVAC system trending process after all work is completed. This trending is used to document actual system performance over a specific period of time.

Site visits during the construction phase of the project are projected as follows:

o     Kick-OFF Commissioning Meeting

o     Air Balance Validation and Functional Performance Testing

o     Training Periods

Commissioning Meetings – as necessary during construction phase of the project

·        A Final Commissioning Report will be submitted to the owner as part of the certification process. (CalGreen 5.410.2.6) Included in the final commissioning report will be a copy of the Operations and Maintenance Manual (CalGreen 5.410.4.5) and all field inspection reports (CalGreen 5.410.5.1)

·        Provision of a training agenda for all mechanical, electrical and plumbing components and a System Manual. (CalGreen 5.410.2.5)

3C Engineering’s team of commissioning agents consist of Professional Engineers (P.E.), Commissioning Process Management Professionals (C.P.M.P.), Certified Energy Managers (C.E.M.), Green Building Engineers (G.B.E.) and LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP).