WiVi 2016

Once a year, wine makers, growers, enthusiasts and vendors having everything and anything to do with wine-making descend upon the Paso Robles Event Center for WiVi, an amazing event for the wine industry. 

At 3C, we're proud and humbled by all of the wineries we've worked with over the years. It was a great event this year and we're happy to have connected with our local friends in the wine industry.

"We know that with all of the valves, motors, pumps, thermostats and sensors, keeping track of everything can be a daunting task. That's where we come in. Large or small, wineries on the Central Coast come to 3C for their HVAC and energy engineering needs. We help wineries leverage night cooling, take control of humidity, get control of carbon dioxide and more." - Michael Joseph, 3C Engineering

As the wine industry evolves, technology is developed that helps the process of wine-making easier, more efficient and more sanitary. Computerized control of wineries may almost sound contradictory to the history and tradition of wine-making, however, more and more wine makers and facilities managers are embracing the newest technology that helps balance energy loads, keep humidity within acceptable ranges and hot water hot enough to kill potentially catastrophic bacteria that blooms off of yeast and fermented fruit. 

The pace at which technology is advancing can be mindbogglingly fast, however, the wineries that can quickly adapt will be the wineries to reach market faster, gain momentum with consumers and drive world-wide brand. The question is no longer, "If I will adopt the latest in winery technology?," the question is "when will I adopt the latest in wine technology?" We at 3C will be here to help guide you through the complication and simply the design and implementation, so you can concentrate on the quality of your fermentation.