3C Engineering, Inc. specializes in designing energy efficient heating, ventilating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. They also offer energy analysis for a variety of mechanical systems and buildings, as well as produce California Title 24 energy compliance reports for both commercial and residential buildings. As a member of the United States Green Building Council and having a LEED Accredited Professional as a Principal Engineer 3CE incorporates sustainable building design standards on every project possible. 

Having a great amount of experience in the design/build industry, they also understand the balance between the engineering and cost side of a project.  3C Engineering takes great pride in their abilities to value engineer any mechanical system in order to help the owner meet their financial budget while still delivering a sound engineering design. 



3C Engineering, Inc. provides services of design, installation and commissioning of building automation controls. Whether the project calls for the controls design for a new building or integration into an existing DDC system, they have the exact solution. Combining an in-depth understanding of mechanical engineering, hardware specification and customer service, 3C Engineering will be an effective partner in maximizing your facility’s needs.  Their focused suite of services includes: 

Controls Design
At 3C Engineering they believe that a full understanding of mechanical systems is a requirement for making proper design recommendations. With this in mind, they produce an end-to-end analysis to ensure our proposed system meets the project requirements, with a focus on reliability and value to our customer.

Controls Installation
Their team of experienced DDC technicians build out your project with precision and our engineers tune your system for optimum performance. From procurement through commissioning, they integrate their approach by coordinating plans with equipment, equipment with installation, and system with budget. 

Controls Commissioning
3CE understands the workflow of a construction project. Their coordination starts early and continues throughout the job. Once the hardware is installed, the work is not over. The commissioning process begins and the control loops are tuned to optimize efficiency and thermal comfort. This is no time for major design revisions or last minute change orders. 3C Engineering works hard to ensure there are no surprises when it comes time to turn the key.





To be commissioned, a building must pass several milestones. The commissioning agent acts on behalf of the building owner to verify that the construction process delivers a functioning and completed product. 

3C Engineering applies a rigorous quality assurance process, beginning with the initial building design and continuing through construction and start of operations. Our process ensures that the building will operate as its owner and designers intended. 

As part of our team, Kelly Robinson and Jason Haendler are Certified Commissioning Agents (CxA’s), qualified and experienced in evaluating new construction against current commissioning standards. 


Commissioning services include:

  • Building design review
  • Installation verification
  • Functional performance testing
  • Ongoing efficiency verification
  • LEED Accreditation
  • CALGreen Commissioning


Companies of all sizes need to manage growing amounts of data to find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Building systems are no exception. 3C Engineering provides scalable building analytics solutions powered by EcoVox that allows even smaller businesses improve cost control and visibility into building operations.

No time to manage another tool? Our energy management services let you leverage as much support as you need. 3C Engineering engineers utilize your existing data to provide immediate value using a continuous improvement process that is designed to grow with your company.